In August 2018, European Youth Music Week invited along 32 young refugees to create a choir and perform a piece of choral music alongside the symphony orchestra that is formed by the European Youth Music Week orchestra.

This was recreated in Ede in the Netherlands in 2019 working with a similar number of refugees based in Germany.

Take a look at our picture gallery to see the successes of EYMRC.

Please keep visiting our pages to find out what the next chapter will be. Currently we are trying to raise funds to support young refugees with international friendships through music making all year round. 

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Firty loves singing as part of EYMRC and making new friends.

Why not find out more about his story?

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European Youth Music Celebration Concert

On Friday 3rd August 2018 the European Youth Music Refugee Choir and symphony orchestra came together and performed specially-commissioned Ubi Bene Ibi Patria by Chris Wilcox.

For most of our choir, this was their very first performance. Our new project was filmed for Channel 4 News.



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