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EYMRC 2019

These are the details of our last residential course.

Residential Week - Monday 29 July to Sunday 4 August

Below you will find all of the details for the latest EYMRC rehearsals and residential course.  This includes details of the schedule, timings, repertoire and other useful information.

This course is FREE, as it is paid for by our sponsors and supporters through IAM.




National training centre for music, dance and theatr

Monday 29 July - check in between 15:00 and 18:00.

Sunday 4 August - the course officially finishes at 09:00, after breakfast. However, participants can leave the course earlier that day, to suit their travel arrangements, if they wish.

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All travel costs are covered to the course venue, concert venue and afternoon trip to Arnhem.

Support will be given to the participants to help arrange travel to all of the workshops and residential course.

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European Youth Refugee Choirs

Pieces will be chosen that reflect the multi-cultural nature of the choir.

European Youth Refugee Choirs and Music Week Orchestra

Geoffrey Palmer - 'New Work for Orchestra and Choir'

Vocal Groups

Smaller participant lead vocal groups will be encouraged to form during the week.  These groups will receive some guidance from tutors as required.  These groups will have this opportunity to perform in the Chamber Music Concert.

Please be aware that all repertoire is subject to change.

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There are many different musical and social activities planned during the week shared with the EYMW Orchestra!  Each day is slightly different.

There will be rehearsals for the full choir and rehearsals with the orchestra alongside time for sectional rehearsals and smaller vocal group rehearsals.  These will be broken up with a morning break, lunch, an afternoon break and dinner.

Social activities include:

On site nightly bar (serving both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks)

One afternoon trip to Utrecht


Pub Quiz

The Chamber Music informal concert

The Abschluss Concert

Friends and family are warmly invited

The Abschluss Concert as well as Chamber Concert evening are where participants are encouraged to showcase the music they have prepared during the course.  In the Chamber Concert, students are encouraged to perform a movement of standard classical repertoire, or their own composition or improvisation.

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The whole cost of the vocal workshops, residential course, accommodation and travel is covered by our sponsors and supporters.

This includes:

All local rehearsal and vocal training

Accommodation for the residential week

All meals - this includes lunch during the workshop days, the whole residential course and a packed lunch for the afternoon trip

Tea and coffee during the breaks each day

All musical activities and rehearsals

Afternoon trip to Arnhem

All evening social activities

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"What do I wear for the concert?"

"Do I need to bring shampoo?"

Here are a few things to help you…

Residential Week


Three meals a day will be included in the cost of the course alongside regular tea and coffee breaks. However, you might want to bring snacks with you for throughout the day and a bottle of water for rehearsals.


You will need to bring your own towels, toiletries, shampoo, body wash, straighteners, hairdryer etc. All bedding is provided and rooms / bathrooms will have a mirror for you to use.


Daily dress is casual, so bring comfortable clothes for rehearsals.  You will need clothes suitable for the rain when moving between the different parts of the venue. Please bring smart clothes for our final performance.


There will be the opportunity to explore Oakham and the town we visit during our trip.

There is no obligation to bring money to the course, but consider bringing some money for shopping, snacks and the evening bar.


The venue has limited Wi-Fi coverage.