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Residential Course 2018

As part of the choir for 2018 we are looking for a number of 'Host' participants. These young people (maximum age 26) will sing alongside the refugees and help support them during rehearsals and leisure time. They will then help the long term development of youth refugee choirs in there area, by being members of the choirs, promoting and helping to organise.

This is a wonderful opportunity for a young person looking to help other young people who have been through unimaginable ordeals, through the power of music. You will work with a national organisation with international links, and be able to shape what will become a national network of choirs and a national youth refugee choir of the highest standard. It will also look pretty good on a CV!

We are looking for enthusiastic people with experience of singing and working with refugees or other vulnerable people. So if this opportunity excites you please click the link to apply. 


I am 18 years or over


I am under 18 and have a parent / guardian with me ready to sign the form who agrees to the details above.

I agree to all of the terms at the bottom of this page.

Please complete ALL THREE forms below:


EYMRC Host Application Form


EYMRC Travel and Trivia Form


Terms of Application

EYMRC 2018

  • The cost of the course for 2018 is free to those who apply as this is paid for by our sponsors and supporters.

  • Any application via this online form for European Youth Music Refugee Choirs is binding.

  • Please use a valid e-mail address that is checked regularly. All further correspondence will be sent to the e-mail address provided.

  • Places are issued on a first-come first-served basis.


Parent / Guardian /
Social Worker

EYMRC 2018

  • I agree to this child taking part in the European Youth Music Refugee Choirs residential course and confirm that all of the information on the Health and Consent Form is correct. 

  • I understand that the staff responsible for the activity will take care of participants. 

  • I consent to any emergency treatment necessary. I therefore authorise the party leader(s) to sign on my behalf, any written form of consent required by the hospital authority should medical treatment (a surgical operation or injection) be deemed necessary. 

  • I agree that the consumption of alcohol by my child will be permitted in accordance with the law of the country in which we are present at the time. 

  • I consent to my child having unsupervised free time in Oakham during afternoon breaks, in rehearsals and after evening rehearsals. I also consent to my child having unsupervised free time on a day visit to a nearby town. I understand that students will be instructed to remain in groups during this free time and that staff will remain contactable in central locations. 

  • I understand that my photo may be taken by other participants and used by them on social media.  This is beyond the control of EYMRC staff. 



EYMRC Refugee Support Coordinator

If you would like more information or would like to join our choirs, please email Danny with your name and nearest city.

Danny will be happy to answer any questions you may have, if you were unable to find the information you need from our website.