about EYMW

Each year our students complete an evaluation to help us improve the course. These were the words most used in their comments.  The bigger the word appears, the more it was used by the students.

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Matty Leow - Violin

I have only attended EYMW twice but It has been one of the greatest experiences i could ever hope for. I have been blessed to have experienced the incredible orchestra and the special refugee choir, both of which have been inspirational.

The orchestra is filled with young talented musicians who make rehearsals fun. The opportunity to develop and grow musically is there, yet the love always shines through. The repertoire and conductors are always amazing and bring out the best in each individual musician.

Although the choir is a new addition to the course, it is the greatest addition as it brings further international friendship. By working with the choir you are able to see that, no matter the differences in life, music and friendship can truly bring people together. The combination of orchestra and choir is unique and special - an occasion which no one would want to miss.

None of this could happen without the dedication of the wonderful staff team, who pour their time and effort into organising such an amazing week. Each member has a passion for young musicians beyond what is expected of them and they care immensely for each individual that attends the course. 

My words cannot not sum up EYMW well enough but what I can say is that is it a week of memories, fun, music and a place where friends for life are made.